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Terry S.

"I have been sewing since I was ten years old. Along the way I have sewn my own clothes, cross stitched, done English smocking, macrame, beading, knitting, etc. You name it: if it is a craft I have tried it! I dove into quilting when my two boys informed me they would no longer wear smocked outfits. In my former existence I was a critical care nurse and had a longarm business on the side. In 2005 the opportunity presented itself for me to open a quilt shop and become my own boss. Over eleven years later we are still going strong! I enjoy working with our customers and cherish my employees. 

Deb D. 

"I became a quilter 35 years ago, while expecting my first child. I design my own quilts and enjoy using innovative techniques for piecing and quilting. Some of those techniques are the subjects of classes I teach here at Lone Star Quiltworks."

Maegan B. 

"I have been sewing since 2000 when my mom first introduced me to this creative hobby. Since then I have enjoyed piecing, quilting, and hand embroidery." I am the quilt shop's in-house longarm quilter!

Kathy A. 

"My very first attempt at sewing was to make a box pleated skirt when I was 12. My mother did not sew and could not help me so the project was a disaster and never got finished. However, I never gave up sewing; progressing from simple clothes to home decor items and quilts. I currently quilt, knit and rug hook."

Glenna C.

"I love fabric! Finding the perfect fabric is fun! I have been sewing for about 45 years. I started as soon as I could push the peddle on a treadle machine."

Linda J. 

"I have been sewing since the 1970's. However I didn't catch the quilting fever until I started working at Lone Star Quiltworks. I love working around the fabric and I love the customers and my fellow employees!"

Gail H.

My mother taught me to sew when I was 9 years old.  I grew up making clothes for myself, then my kids.  I've done all sorts of crafts throughout the years, including crewel embroidery, counted cross stitch, scrap booking, and finally quilting.  I taught myself the basics of quilt-making in the early 1990's, and am completely addicted to it now!


Cindy R. 

I had always wanted to learn how to sew and quilt, and it wasn't until 2006 that my best friend said there was a quilt group forming to work on a block of the month. She encouraged me to go. At the time I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I had no clue what a BOM, rotary cutter, paper piecing, etc. were all about! These ladies were so patient, loving and kind. I was hooked! To this day, I call these ladies my best friends, my "sew sisters."

Lori P.

I started making doll clothes by hand when I was 8 or 9 years old.  Finally, when I was 10, my mother taught me to sew on her Singer Featherweight.  I made my first quilts in Jr. High from what ever scraps she would give me.  My sisters were the recipients of those “lovely” quilts.  Somehow my brother ended up with a crocheted afghan.  Through the years I have sewn clothes, quilts, and all sorts of crafts.  Some of my favorite memories of sewing are all the Halloween costumes that I made for my 6 children.  I enjoy quilting, machine embroidery, crafting, and cross stitch.  I look forward to all the things that I will learn from my co-workers and new friends at the store.


Barbara B.

I have been sewing since I was about 12.  No one in my family sewed so I basically taught myself how to do it.  My first project was a dress - I can't believe I actually wore it!  I love to all kinds of fiber arts where I can incorporate my love of color.  My love of color and fabrics eventually convinced me to return to school where I earned a MA in Theater specializing in Costume Design and Construction. 


Debby H.

Over the years I have dabbled here and there in sewing clothes, curtains and even a quilt for my daughter.  But it wasn't until a few years ago my sister-in-law encouraged me to try quilting.  With some guidance from her I am mostly self-taught and still learning.  I enjoy the creativity of quilting and love putting fabrics together.