**Orders over $80 ship FREE!**


Lone Star Quiltworks presents
Kyle Field Stars IV! 

You have asked for us to offer this Block of the Month again, and here it is!  Please call the shop to sign up at 979-595-1072!
Designed by Deb DeRoche especially for Lone Star Quiltworks, this Block of the Month offering is a beautiful rendition reminiscent of the stars in the evening sky over Kyle Field after a Texas A&M football game!

This Block of the Month uses maroon and white fabrics, (but of course!), from some of our favorite vendors.  Each block consists of an 8 pointed star that encompasses a different technique to make that star.  The quilt top finishes out at 80" X 80". 

This is a twelve month Block of the Month.  You will receive all of your background fabric, border fabric, sashing fabric, plus your first month's block at the start of this project.  Our first pickup date will the second Tuesday in April, (April 9th).  Successive blocks and your monthly pattern will always be ready for pick up and/or shipping on the second Tuesday of the month thereafter.  Month twelve will include your binding, and finishing instructions.

If you are local and would like to see the finished quilt we have the sample hanging in the shop!

Participation in this Block of the Month will require a credit card to be on file at our shop.  Cost for this project includes a sign up fee of $20. Your first month's charge will be $50.00 due to the large amount of fabric you will be receiving.  For the remaining 11 months you will be charged $21.99 plus applicable tax and shipping, (this fee is an average cost; amounts of fabric will vary per month).  There will be an optional "oopsy" kit and backing fabric available as we progress along with this project.

We have installed an incentive program, for Kyle Field Stars.  Details will be provided at the start of this Block of the Month about a special purchase for your backing fabric, and a discount on our quilting service.

This beautiful quilt would be perfect for that new grad or alumni from Texas A&M.  We bet you know a few!

Contact us at 979 595 1072 to sign up.  Spaces are limited so please call as soon as possible.  Sign up by March 18th and receive a free gift with your first month's pick up!


Lone Star Quiltworks presents
Amish With a Twist IV

A Marcus Fabrics and Nancy Rink Designs Block of the Month!
Join us for a new Block of the Month designed by Nancy Rink for use with Marcus Brothers Centennial Solids.  This gorgeous 88" X 98" quilt top is a stunner and SUPER REASONABLY priced.

This will be a 12 month Block of the Month starting in March of 2019.  The first pickup date will be Tuesday, March 5th, with successive blocks always ready for pickup on the first Tuesday of each month.

Sign up fee will be $20, and your monthly fee will only be $19.99 plus applicable tax and shipping if you live out of town.  We ship the most economical way possible and DO NOT up charge our shipping.  Participation in this Amish With a Twist IV will require a credit card to be on file at the shop.  If you live in town, we do have a sample of the fabrics available to show if you would like to drop by the shop and see them!

You will receive a pattern booklet, a color fabric guide, and all of the fabrics for the top, border, and binding.  An optional "oopsie kit" will be offered as we move along.  I would also like to offer you 10% off of a backing of your choice as you get closer to finishing your top!
Come and join us for this fun Block of the Month.  This would make a great gift, too!  Call the shop at 979 595 1072 to reserve your space as this one will go FAST!


Lone Star Quiltworks presents
A Jen Kingwell Quiltmania Mystery! 

We are so excited to announce our participation in the 2019 Quiltmania Mystery Quilt with Jen Kingwell as the featured designer!  

Many of you visited our shop when Jen taught her method of scrap quilting to us several years ago.  She is first and foremost a lovely lady, and second has a great eye for putting many different patterns and fabrics together that most of us would not normally choose.

Jen has specifically designed fabric with Moda for this mystery quilt, and as we all know their quality is excellent. As with other Quiltmania Mystery Quilts there will be one fabric in this line that you may only obtain if you participate in this Block of the Month!

We are allowed to show you some of the fabrics per the image above.  We cannot tell you what other fabrics will be added at this point, nor what the total line up of shapes will be, but know it will include what is showing.  We have also been told the final quilt size will be around 65" square.  Techniques included for this quilt will include hand piecing, machine piecing, and hand applique, all in Jen style.

There will be optional templates available for this Block of the Month.  The first installment templates will sell for $27.99, with future installment templates ranging in price from $15.99 to $19.99.  At this point we do not have exact pricing.

This will be a six month Block of the Month starting the 4th Tuesday in January however, please note it will ship EVERY OTHER month to coincide with the Quiltmania magazine schedule.  You will need to have a subscription to Quilmania magazine, or we can add the magazine cost to your monthly fee. 

The monthly fee will be $35.99 per month for six months plus tax and shipping if applicable.  If you will need the magazine this will add an additional $7.00 per month.  Please note we are selling you the magazine at our cost!  Regular price for the Quiltmania magazine is $14.99 per month. We will ship the most conservative way possible and can combine months for shipping if you would like.

We have to order this limited quantity fabric from Moda by 11/19/18, so if you would like to participate please contact us immediately at the number listed below.  We will require a non-refundable $20 deposit at sign up and a credit card to be on file at our shop for billing purposes.

Shown below are some of the fabrics we know will be used in the quilt!


Lone Star Quiltworks presents
Mrs. Miller's Apprentice! 

Join us for this twelve month Block of the Month starting in February!
Please call the shop at the 979-595-1072!
Mrs. Miller's Apprentice was designed by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts in conjunction with Marcus Fabrics.  This Block of the month contains 27 different fabrics, many of which are Indigo blue based with some creams and greys thrown in for balance. Finished size will be 77" X 89".

Join us as we journey to the mid-19th century and read Mrs Miller's diary.  She tells a story of Ellie who moved into a neighboring farm with her widower father.  Ellie shows interest in learning to piece quilt blocks and Mrs Miller takes her under her wing.  Each month you will join them in creating a beautiful variety of sampler blocks, and read diary entries telling the story of their growing friendship.

Start date for this Block of the Month will be the 2nd Tuesday in February.  Successive month blocks will always be ready for pick up and/or shipping on this same Tuesday each month.  We will require a non-refundable $20 deposit to hold your space when you contact us to sign up.

Cost for this Block of the Month will be $25 per month + applicable tax + optional shipping.  (Please note we ship the most economical method possible and do not up charge our shipping!)  We will require a credit card to be on file with us for future billing purposes.

Your $25 charge per month will include your pattern, your fabric required to make the top,  your binding, and a 4 1/2" Easy Angle Ruler required for this pattern.  Plus you never know about our Blocks of the Month, there just might be something special thrown in there, too, hint hint!

Click on the blue button below to see pictures of the fabrics that will be included in this project from Marcus!

If you are interested in participating in Mrs. Miller's Apprentice please call the shop at 979 595 1072 asap as spaces will go fast for this gorgeous quilt!
Mrs. Miller's Apprentice Fabrics


A beautiful new Block of the Month!
Fabulous Texas Bluebonnets

Are you a fan of Eleanor Burns?  Do you love Moda's bluebonnet fabric?  Well we have the project for you!
In September of this year we previously sent an email trying to garner how much interest we would have in a bluebonnet themed Block of the Month.  Well, fast forward and we are ready to take signups for this beautiful project!  We DID have a lot of interest in the scalloped border. Good news, you will receive enough fabric to make your own choice of the scalloped border or a straight edge border!

And here is some amazing hot off the press news!   As an added incentive we will pre-cut your focal block pieces of fabric for you!  You will still need to cut your Log Cabin strips out of the fabric you receive each month, but hey, how cool is it that we will pre-cut about half of this for you! 

Eleanor Burns has been a legend in the quilting world for over 40 years.  I fell in love with her newest book appropriately titled Forty Fabulous Years.  Every year at LSQW we order bluebonnet fabric from Moda Fabrics because our customers and visitors from out of state just love bluebonnet fabric!  I kept looking at these fabrics and this book and started thinking....  somehow the two just seem to go together, so fast forward and we have designed a customBlock of the Month with a bluebonnet spin to it.  Shown below are some mocked up blocks, and a layout image of the overall quilt.
Fabulous Texas Bluebonnets will be a twelve month Block of the Month, (BOM) starting in February of 2019.  Pickup and/or ship date will be always be the third Tuesday of each month. 

Finished size for this quilt top will be 90" X 100" with Log Cabin and focal blocks throughout.  Your price will be $24.99 per month + applicable tax + optional shipping.  We will require a non-refundable $20 deposit to hold your space when you contact us to signup.  We will require a credit card to be on file with us for future billing purposes.  Please note this price DOES include your book titled Forty Fabulous Years by Eleanor Burns and all of the fabric required to make your quilt top plus binding.

We are also going to include a nice plastic kit box for you to keep your blocks in as you progress along with your project!
Here is a "mock up" of what our quilt will look like using bluebonnet, wildflower, and red, white, and blue fabrics.  The opposite side of the wildflower fabrics in each Log Cabin block will use tone on tone white fabrics. 
Here are two mocked up blocks as an example for you!  Because we don't have the actual fabrics yet this picture is just a representation of what you will receive.  We plan for them to flow a little better than these may show.
This is the optional backing fabric we have ordered. If you would like this backing fabric we will offer it at signup with 10% off.  Backing for this quilt will require  8 1/2 yards.  If you would like this backing we will need to collect for it at signup and will honor the 10% off discount at that time!

Optional rulers may be ordered if you choose, however, are not required to participate in this BOM.

We hope you like what we have come up with and can get a pretty good idea of the finished product using these images.  If you are interested in signing up please call the shop at
979 595 1072.

Lone Star Quiltworks 


 36 Ring Circus!


So here is my second favorite quilt from Fall Quilt Market....I stumbled upon this from the picture above and started to do some research only to find out it is a new offering that is English paper pieced.  

Since we have started an English Paper Piecing club at the shop we have all agreed to do this crazy 36 Ring Circus as a group!  I have decided to open this up to all of my customers as a Template and Papers Block of the Month because so many people in our club love this quilt that I thought some of you might like to join us!

This Block of the Month will consist ONLY of the templates and papers you will need each month.  It will NOT include the fabric.  Each month we will ship you the required acrylic templates and papers.  This will be a 12-month Block of the Month with Month 1 consisting of the arc templates used for the Double Wedding Ring, plus the required papers and fabric requirement chart costing $42.00 + applicable tax and shipping. 

Months 2-11 will include the acrylic templates for the inner ring sections plus the required papers and will cost $12.99 + applicable tax and shipping. 

Month 12 will consist of the acrylic border templates and the required papers costing $20 + applicable tax and shipping. 

Please note I am NOT charging a sign-up fee for this Block of the Month!

Finished size of this quilt is 72" X 72"and would look amazing in just about any fabric combination you can think of, scrappy, red white and blue, batiks, black and white, etc.

We will require a credit card to be on file at the shop for participation in this program.  Start date will be Tuesday, April 24th which is the 4th Tuesday of the month.  Successive pickups will always be ready on the same Tuesday of each month thereafter.

If you are local and would like to join us at the shop our next English Paper Piecing meeting day will be Thursday, March 22nd from 10a-4p.  If you don't know how to "EPP" we can get you started.  This club meets each month and you can find the date on our website under classes.

If you are interested and do not live locally there are many online tutorials to get you started with "EPP".  Please call the shop at 979 595 1072 to sign up.