My Fabric Stash

My Fabric Stash

I have a sign in my sewing room that says, “I should probably sew but I would rather buy more fabric.”

That’s one of my mottos. Because of this, I have quite a selection of fabrics dating from 1991 (when I thought quantity was more important than quality. Since then, I’ve become a bit of a fabric snob. But I digress!) The walk-in closet in my sewing room is crammed full of bins of color-coded fabrics. The “Narnia” closet between my sewing room and another room is lined with bolts of fabrics on one side and patterns/fabrics I’ve pulled to make into quilts someday on the other side. The bedroom on the other side of the Narnia closet is now lovingly referred to as “The Quilt Annex”. My daughter’s room closet is The Wool Center (Hey!! She lives in Milwaukee, so she doesn’t need the space!) I am eyeing the closet in the garage, but my husband’s golf clubs (who needs two sets of golf clubs?!?) is taking up space.

“So why do you need this much fabric?” asks my dear husband when I return from Terry’s shop in Texas OR when the USPS guy delivers another LSQW Block of the Month installment. Why does he need 2 sets of golf clubs PLUS an extra golf bag? More than 3 golf balls? An entire basket of golf towels? And let’s not even start in on the golf shirts in EVERY hue on his side of our closet (I could put my old quilting magazines in there if he didn’t have so many clothes!).

Sometimes we talk of downsizing. What’s stopping us from selling this big house and moving into a beach cottage? Well, WHAT would I do with my stash?!?!

Sew long!