Product Review: Dome Threaded Needle Case

Like many quilters, I am a "gadget girl,” so when it comes to anything that can make the quilting process more efficient, and less frustrating, I’m all in! Ask my husband, not a day goes by without the arrival of yet another time saving quilting device of one kind or another!   Recently, a dear quilting friend told me about a fabulous device that she claimed had substantially enhanced the quality of her life, the Dome Threaded Needle Case!  Well, I of course, had to try it, and boy, I am glad I did.  It has been, well, life-changing!

What exactly is the purpose of this low-cost miracle device?   Well, the Dome Threaded Needle Case is designed to store up to ten pre- threaded needles on one small reel.  To use it you simply insert needles, which you have pre-threaded, into each of the ten numbered slots on the device’s reel. After inserting each needle, you hold the thread in an easy-to-see groove on the reel and rotate it to wind the thread onto an internal spool. When you wish to use one of the threaded needles, you grasp the needle gently pull it out of the slot. Instant threaded needle - easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Why am I so excited about this notion?  Whenever I bind a quilt (my most common hand sewing task) I really, really, really hate to have to stop my sewing to rethread a needle.  Many times, the very thought of stopping to rethread a needle keeps me from getting the job done.  In the past, I’ve tried to avoid this progress-inhibiting, motivation-sapping, and soul-crushing experience by pre-threading several needles and putting them in a pincushion.  Sadly, like many of you who employed this technique, I have found it to even more frustrating because the threads will sometimes slip out of the needles, or, even worse, the threads get all tangled up, which can be, well, %$#* exasperating!   

Now, as good as the Dome Threaded Needle Case is, it is does have a few limitations. The product maker, Clover® offers the following helpful tips and cautions….

  • The length of the needles stored in the device cannot exceed 2-inches (51.5mm).
  • The length of thread on the stored needles should not exceed 32 inches in length.
  • A knot should not be tied at the ends of threads on a threaded needle until after it has been removed from the device, just prior to use.
  • Coarse, abrasive threads and easily cut threads may not pull out easily or correctly. Depending on the type of thread, some may be hard to pull out.  If this happens, store the threaded needles in order, 1 → 10, and remove the threaded needles in the reverse order, 10 →1.  If the problem persists, reduce the number of threaded needles in the reel.

Clover® has thought of everything.  For example, in the unlikely event that thread becomes tangled up inside the reel and cannot be pulled out, they have designed it so you can easily detach the reel from the main body, allowing you to easily remove all of the needles and thread on the reel. 

In summary, this handy tool is a game-changer!  In addition to reducing your frustrations while, at the same time, increasing your efficiency during binding, it is perfect for any hand stitching task, including hand piecing, English paper piecing, needle turn applique, embroidery, mending, etc.  Finally, the Dome Threaded Needle Case has a clear plastic cover, which makes it great for transporting needles when you travel to your favorite quilt retreats or, for that matter,  to any other vacay destinations. So, for anyone who uses a needle and thread to complete a project, I highly recommend the Dome Threaded Needle Case by Clover®.