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LSQW Community Service Efforts

LSQW Autumn Armstrong Fundraiser

This is a picture of my beautiful friend Autumn who passed away on August 18th, 2014. Autumn was the victim of a senseless act of domestic violence.

Autumn was first and foremost my friend, and second one of my customers. Autumn, her Mom, and her Aunt are also my Kerrville retreat buddies. Last year we worked with Autumn's Mom and our local domestic violence shelter to find a way to honor Autumn.  We would like to repeat our plan annually.

During the month of April, we are asking you to help us make pillowcases to honor Autumn.  All proceeds from this event and the pillowcases themselves will be donated to Phoebe's Home, our local domestic violence shelter and prevention center.

We proudly turned in 160 pillowcases in 2015 and 225 pillowcases in 2016 along with donations to the shelter each year.

Phoebe's home advised us they were able to use the funds for an enhancement to their facility that they did not have the money for.

We plan to make this an annual event each April in conjunction with our shop anniversary, both to honor Autumn and continue support for Phoebe's Home.  My prayers are that maybe we can prevent one more family from dealing with senseless tragedy and violence.

Pantie Raid!

Help us help Phoebe's Home

We are a participating shop in a national program called The Pantie Raid

The purpose of this program is to collect new panties, socks, and pajamas for women and children visiting domestic abuse shelters across the United States.  We have partnered locally with Phoebe's Home for this program. 

Books and a Blanket


And we are so excited to announce our participation in another great program! Beginning in January 2017 on the second Tuesday of the month and each month thereafter we will be working with Books and a Blanket to host a sewing day at our shop from 10A-2P. 

Our own special "Charles" will be your host.  Come and bring your sewing machine and thread.  Charles will provide the fabric, batting, and a pattern to help you create a special quilt for this wonderful local cause. Please call Charles at 979-422- 2101 to let him know you will attending. Here is the link to their program information:

Visit the program's website here!