Block of the Month Policy

What is a block of the month (BOM)?

A block of the month is a program that makes quilting affordable, easy, and fun! Each month you are sent everything you need to complete a block(s) of a quilt, and by the final month, you will have all the blocks required to complete the quilt. The length, cost, and details of each program vary. At Lone Star Quiltworks, we work hard to offer a variety of blocks of the month with different skill levels and techniques such as traditionally pieced, paper-pieced, applique, etc.


  1. When you sign up for a block of the month, you are registering for the entire program. This fee is non-refundable.
    1. The non-refundable sign-up fee tells us you are invested in the program and helps us cover the initial costs of the patterns and fabrics needed for the quilt.
    2. No shipping is charged on the sign-up fee, and the sign-up fee does not help qualify towards the $49.99 free shipping on your purchases that day. Nor does it qualify for loyalty points.
  2. Participation in the block of the month will require a credit card to be on file with the shop.
    1. Beginning the first month of the program and throughout the duration of the program, you will be billed the amount (plus applicable tax and shipping) stated in the details of each block of the month.
      1. This allows us to offer you the quilt at a reasonable monthly fee without a large lump sum payment at the end for borders, binding, etc.
    2. Blocks of the month can be picked up or will be shipped per customer request at sign up.
      1. Blocks cannot be shipped or picked up without payment. Please keep the credit card on file with us up to date.
      2. Shipping. We do not up charge our shipping to you and only use the actual shipping costs.
      3. Blocks of the month do not qualify for loyalty points.
  3. Cancellation Policy: Once you are registered, you are committed to the entire block of the month program. Registration fees are non-refundable. All sales are final.